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on October 15, 2008

I’m definitely getting better. one sure sign : I fantasize about food. I’m serious. before I fell sick, I would go into a daze after every meal, especially lunch. if Abhi asked me what I was thinking about : it was always about dessert. always. about the possibility of warm apple pie. or carrot cake. Whether I actually had it or not did not matter. the pleasant dreaming was bliss enough.

Then I fell sick. and I didn’t want to even look at anything sweet. that hasn’t happened very often in my lifetime – turning away from sweets. even the occasional cookie seemed anathema to me. it was wierd. and then I started getting better. I went on a day-long retreat on saturday, and somehow the periods of sitting and walking meditation reconnected me to who I really was. my spirits lifted. my brain didn’t seem foggy anymore…

I have started yoga again which feels absolutely wonderful. just like returning home. and cooking again. but most importantly – fantastizing about food! Its all I can think of. should I have sambar with dosa, the classic south-indian breakfast I grew up on, or pav bhaji, my mom’s special treat for us when we were growing up ? should it be daal with baingan (eggplant) side dish (yummy!) or daal with potato fry ? I feel like having sabudhana kichadi (pearl sabu with roasted peanuts) and aloo poha. everything I grew up with. thats what falling sick does – it takes you back in time. I would die right now if someone made chakkara pongal and vadai for me. chakkara pongal is this mouth-watering sweet rice dish made with ghee, jaggery, daal, rice, cashews and raisins. Just imagining it makes me hungry. and don’t forget rasmalai and carrot halwa.

we indians sure know how to eat well. For starters, I did make the most delicious pav bhaji for lunch. I couldn’t believe it when I tasted it – this was the real stuff! I followed Nupur’s recipe and it turned out great. Next time I would make something sweet to have after it. this time, lindt chocolate had to do.

I hope we all enjoy our own history – and appreciate the things that reconnects us to our past.

nostalgically, S.


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