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A fresh page

on November 6, 2008

A fresh page, a clean slate
A willingness to take the chalk
And face the right now
Brave and gentle way.

No one is watching,
no judge on the high table
A wild dance ensues
playful like a puppy-
A freedom lost and found.

I open my wild locks
I shake my belly
I laugh boisterously
I embrace unabashedly

I open my heart-
I dare to feel-
I shine the light
on the hidden shadows.

There is a measuredness
in the wildness
A deep kindness, a gentleness
The light is only as bright
as the soul is willing to open

The arrow is dipped in love
aimed straight at the heart
Thoughts words float
The soul is deep within

I dive in – the water is chilly
Slowly my body adjusts
Then I see the wondrous sight
The faint moonlight-
through the depths-
illuminating within.

I wrote this poem on saturday, Nov 1st at my dear friend Stella’s, after being up early before sunrise. It just came out in a torrent of words. and then on 4th night at 11.00, Abhi woke me up when it became clear that Obama had won. It was a joyful celebration. a returning home. a wonderful night for millions. and of hope. and I hope this continues for next few years. and as I was crying tears of joy, the first four lines of this poem echoed in my mind…suddenly some of the words seem to reflect as much my spirit as this country’s…

With love, S.

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