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the gift of the magi

on January 3, 2009

christmas vacation of 2008. holidays. one of the loveliest times of my life has been these past few days. times of acceptance. happiness. celebration. and above all love.

Daalu and I were in NYC over Christmas. the first few days were tumultous for me – it always is-as I get accustomed to any new surroundings. and then I learnt the lesson of letting go. of surrendering to the care and love of another. so often we want to do things right. be perfect. want our vacations to be perfect. somewhere in the time in NYC – I had the reckoning that no matter what I am perfect or not – this vacation was going to memorable.

that is the thing about vacations and trips. the fact that you are making the trip itself is so special – that no matter what you do – or don’t do – it will be a celebration, an event that will bring wonderful memories when you look back at it.

I am proof of this. we had a great time in New York. But by the time we were in NYC for 3 days, I was ready to say quits to the noise – the lights – the constant stream of thousands of people walking the street. the very things that excited me the first day in NYC. My body hurt from all the walking and the sheer energy of the city was starting to get exhausting. and yet, when we were back at home – I was already fondly looking back at our days together. it had been lovely. and we made it lovely by simply being there. showing up. :).

the title is so apt for our time together. Daalu and I were constantly trying to please each other and do things for one another. finally, we had to realize that the supreme joy we could give each other was simply by being ourselves. neither of us expected anything from one another than to be. it was a joy to realize that all over again :).

The first couple of days, I was obsessing about what next to do – where to go – how to do everything. that I forgot that the beauty of our vacation was not in the place we were visiting. it was in the company. in each other. and then was that moment of eureka – when I stopped living in my head – and really saw what was staring me in my face. the love of the man of my life.

life is so humbling! we relearn the lessons we have already learnt, over and over again. and every time there is something touching about it. about the human spirit and its capacity for love.

may our hearts expand in love and may we pay attention to life as it is right now. in all of its wonders. and may this year bring happiness and joy to everyone.
with love, S.


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