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curiosity and Aasha

on January 14, 2009

This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to visit my beloved friend Stella, and her seven cats and one kitten. The new arrival is Aasha (meaning hope) – this glorious furry beautiful creature with this tiniest nose and a whole lot of sass! she is around seven grown cats – and she doesn’t give a hoot.

It was a beauty to watch the animals with one another. It was amazing how much they loved one another. If one cat wanted some love, some petting, she would go to another, who would gladly oblige. Tank, one of the cats played with the little one with the spirit of a loving but watchful elder who hasn’t forgotten how to play. it truly was a beautiful opportunity to be able to observe them.

One thing that struck me deeply, was the tiny one – she was endlessly curious!! she would play delightedly with the ball she had for what seemed like ages, with this unbelievable immersion. and then she would play with the curtain rod. and then the ball of yarn. she was so content playing by herself, so joyful. and she was constantly going around finding things for herself. there was this insatiable curiosity about everything – even if it was something she just did a few minutes back. everything was new to her.

curiosity. what a beautiful and under-rated quality. our lives have this undercurrent of monotone to it. we face the same situations over and over again. we all suffer. we agonize over details. our daily lives have an ordinariness to them. and yet how things change when we bring curiosity to the picture.

for example: when I am angry, my immediate reaction is: ‘ something is wrong with me’ or ‘ go away’ or ‘ not again!’ yet, how things change when we bring curiosity to the picture. ‘hmm. here is anger. pretty interesting. what is this about’. There is this amazing lack of judgement that comes along. I may have been angry before. or I may have felt this before. but let me examine it in the present moment. and there is also a certain kindness and lightness.

as Rumi says: ‘make this sweet again; fragrant, fresh and wild, and thankful for any small event.’ Thats what curiosity brings to life. it brings our human experience alive.

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