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dance with joy!

on January 14, 2009

This is a special week for me. It marks my return to something I absolutely love – dance.

I took this amazing dance class called Nia on sunday. Nia is a combination of yoga, taichi, middle-eastern dancing and aerobics to my favorite component of them all – Music! the music starts, and you move. there is nothing else in the universe but that moment. a celebration of who you are. the movements are joyful and expressive. raising the chi. meeting the universe. accepting who you are. and loving it! literally, letting the goddess in you express herself. what a cool thing to do!

So, I signed up for the classes twice a week – and went on monday as well! :).

The thing about dance, or skating, or drumming, or any flow activity, is that it lets you express the fundamental self in you. your true soul. that is why it feels so great – because there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself. there is only a sense of liberation. you no longer have to hide. and not only do you show yourself as you are – you do it with joy!

Its amazing how deeply we connect with our bodies when we move. Our body has a natural language. its needs and its way of communicating. and we often don’t want to listen! But when we do, it feels profound. The dance of life, is knowing when you need quiet. and when you need celebration. and sometimes you need both. when we learn to honor the wishes of the physical being, our mind has a spacious sense of ease. and we are able to naturally align with who we really are and live from that deepest being of ourselves.

may we all live this moment with joy!
with love, S.


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