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on January 28, 2009

I am fiercely protective of my friends – I do all I can to make them feel awesome – to see them happy lights me up inside. When I am with my girl friends, my cell phone is off and in that moment, nothing matters more than the time I spend with them. If any of them is going through a rough patch, I stay up all night cribbing about it to Abhi – my sounding board. I wish I could change things for them when things are confusing, and I rejoice when things are going well. It makes me feel great to be able to make others smile.

And then there are those special few who make me feel that way. Who make me the center of their attention and worry about my well-being. Who dance for my healing. Who send me emails when I am away at a conference. Who remind me to take care of myself because I get overwhelmed easily. And no matter what rough patches they themselves are going through – whatever I am going through is equally important. It feels so awesome!

As I write this, I smile thinking of the parting words of my dear friend in California as we walked the last stretch to her car before saying bye – ‘shuba-you think too much. Stop thinking so much and relax! ‘. It felt so comforting, just knowing that this person knows my core, knows my worries and cares.

I don’t think anything in this world can beat the feeling of being loved and knowing it.

Here is to the special people in our lives – our soul therapy.
With Love, S.


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