notes from a conference..

3 days at a conference in California– in and out of talks and sessions, giving my own talk, taking in things to work on, meeting people, networking, catching naps between sessions to re-energize… and yet the things that stand out in my mind are none of this. It is all to do with people.

Talking to a colleague friend who has a three year old recovering from chemo – about children and how every suffering is relative to something else. Connecting with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a year – and yet when we started talking, it felt like we never left each other’s lives. Having hot chocolate and pecan pie with my group in this café where we shared stories about recommendation letters, graduate student applications, incorrigible undergrad students we have mentored, the pain of writing abstracts for conferences…the stories behind out humanness. That is what stands out the most. That is what makes me smile.


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