all about mothers…

As I was sitting in my meditation room last night, my sanctuary as Abhi calls it, my goddess room, it came to me-how blessed we are to have our mothers in our lives.

Our first mother is the incredible woman who carried us for nine months in her womb. who taught us how to take our first steps. who nourished and protected us, gave us everything she could and then let us go to find our places in this world. this mother who loves us from a deep being in a way no one else ever will. who rejoices in our happiness and grieves for us in sadness. and whom we always carry within us.

We have another mother who supports us every moment. unconditionally. The Earth mother. who feeds us, gives us space to walk, who never once turns away anyone, no matter who they are. She has room for all of us. Sometimes, I just lie there in savasana, corpse pose, letting my mother hold me. I let all my cares seep into her. and she always allows new energy to flow through me. she is the universal mother that always holds us. It reminds me of the story of Sita in Ramayana. When Rama asks Sita to prove her purity by going through fire, she asks Mother Earth to be her witness. and when she does so, the story goes, Bhuma Devi – the Earth mother opened and took her into it. We come from this Earth. to go back to it. our ultimate home. When the Buddha was hunted by Mara on the night before enlightenment, it is this mother he turned to, to be his witness.

Many of us also have spiritual mothers. women who show us the way because they have been there before. they guide us through rough storms by appearing as shining beacons at the right moments. they wish for us all the happiness in the world. In their eyes, we see love for our being. Gratitude for these amazing soul guides enables us to appreciate how much support we have in our lives.

We are never alone, how can we be when we have so much love in our lives.

may this gentle rain of metta keep us drenched in love.
with gratitude, S.


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