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the innate capacity for joy..

on February 9, 2009

This morning, I was driving to work, listening joyfully to a song I had recently downloaded from itunes – a song I loved from my college days. and at the red light, I caught myself dancing in my seat. I caught myself in the joy. It made me pause for a second and look around in wonder. things were not great in the world. there was so much sadness. even in our personal lives, things are never perfect.

and yet at this moment, in the midst of all this, my heart was experiencing joy, a kind of joy that is simple and radiant and doesn’t desire much (except possibly to hear the song to completion..). how can this joy not be innate ?

I caught myself again in the cafetaria in a similar situation. I was reading this novel I got recently called ‘still alice’. Its the fictional story of a woman, a Harvard Professor in her 50s who finds herself losing her memory. I was at the page where she has met the Doc and knows for sure that something is definitely not right with her. I felt a pang of sadness and looked up from the book. All the people around me were going on with their lives – eating their lunches, in their conversations. did they not know what was going on life? the sadness and grief ?

and yet that is it precisely. each day millions of us experience challenges in our lives. suffering in small and large amounts. some suffering is more drastic than the other. and we live in the knowledge of this. and yet we cannot grieve every moment. even in the middle of extreme grief, there appears to be a subconscious reaction from the heart to smile at certain things, perhaps seeing a child smile, or the sun peep out on a cloudy day, before we realize our grief all over again.

it is our heart’s innate capacity for joy.

may we allow our hearts to be – radiant and joyful. with love, S.


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