the thread that connects us…

Sometimes I can’t help thinking – that suffering has a purpose. it exists so that it can connect us all. joy could never do that in the way human suffering does. when we are joyful, it is harder to think – ‘oh this is how this other person must be feeling in joy’. or to remember that we wish that joy for everyone.

however, when we suffer, there is this quality that envelopes the heart that is very different from joy. it is a softness, a tenderness. we know we are suffering. we know how difficult this feels. and we would never want this for anyone else. the heart automatically reaches out to that prayer.

or that when we see someone suffering, we know what it feels like. we have also felt it. it connects us deeply. we are human beings on this planet. and those words carry with them the inevitable : suffering. it comes with the package. there is no running away, no negating it. even if we have all the happiness in the world in this moment, our turn if it hasn’t come yet, will surely come. I am not saying this in a cynical way. its just the truth.

I remember thinking in a few key junctures in my life when sadness has hit me: what did I do wrong? how can this happen to me? I did all the right things! ha! isn’t that what we all hope – that we can cheat suffering. and therein lies our misconceptions…even if we did everything right, we will suffer. it is just the nature of this being. so why berate ourselves over it?

instead of blame or fault or isolation, we can respond to suffering with connection. we are not the only ones to face this. we are all in this together. so how can we support each other in this journey ? how can we make it easier to carry this? how can we respond in a way that reflects our wisdom and connection ? how can we act from that deep gentleness of our hearts?

suffering has a purpose – it is here to connect us all together. to show us proof that we are not separate from each other. we are part of this endless flowing river that dances over rocks and stones and waterfalls as much as peaceful gentle stream. and it eventually reaches its destination. always. we hold this in our hearts. and we know.

with deep abiding love, S.


One thought on “the thread that connects us…

  1. I appreciate your post regarding suffering.

    I have had very reluctant connection from others to face this similarity of suffering experience in mutual awareness and reflection. More often, in the lived state of suffering, connection occurs as humans compassionately accept one another as they are, ideologically separated from the flow of unseparated being.

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