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on February 25, 2009

Khitchari is this amazing one-pot meal that is thought of as a cleansing nourishing dish in ayurveda. and it is incredibly tasty as well 🙂 Basically khitchari has rice, moong beans, onions, vegetables – and it is the blend of spices that gives it the ultimate healing properties : turmeric, cloves, peppercorns, dried red chilis, cumin, garam masala, and tons of black pepper – all sauteed in ghee.

I was making khitchari this morning – and I can’t help thinking of how alike it is to life. khitchari – the mishmash of everything good and bad. can you bite into a chili by itself ? but a khitchari would be incomplete without it. think of pepper on its own. and it in this wonderful pot. pepper takes the khitchari to an entirely new level! khitchari is taking all that life throws at us – and making it beautiful, nourishing, satisfying. and the ‘secret ingredient’ that binds it all is the ghee – pure and brimming with good things. much like the love we hold in our hearts as we go through life – and how it colors everything. binds it all together.

I love the khitchari that life is! here is to more of it – both eating and living 🙂
With love, S.


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