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on March 5, 2009

The Buddha called compassion the quivering of the heart in response to suffering. it is this natural response our heart has, when it sees pain. it naturally softens and wants to help and heal. there is no fear here. just space. this is how children respond to suffering – before they have learnt to be wary of it. if this compassion is so natural, why then is this quality sometimes so elusive…

It is elusive, because a lot comes in the way – between our heart and our actions. a lot of stuff comes in the way and we forget why we are here in the first place. Our ego makes up stories of me, you, this, that, good, bad, want, grasp. and then we start believing our stories. and we let it come in the way of something that is so natural and innate to us.

When we start peeling these layers of identifications, we start seeing a glimpse underneath of the truth as it is. It is like digging a buried pot containing a lot of mud. you see things you don’t want to see – a lot of worms and dirt. but as you continue, you start seeing a glimmer of the gold bottom this pot has. solid gold. and then you know surely you are in the right place.

when we see the dirt, we want to run away. push it away and not look at it. but the dirt is what is in the way. if we can’t see the dirt, we can’t get to the gold. staying with the dirt is important. cherishing it. holding it with love. with compassion for the pain that has caused us to put up these walls around our heart. and as we start responding with this kindness, the walls slowly start melting. and we start feeling what our hearts are about. we start responding to life. we see through things. ours and others. and we look at everything with kind eyes.

and somedays, this is still hard. but we continue to accept where we are. we remind ourselves of the glimpse we had of the gold. and our heart softens again in compassion.

we learn to love. all over again.
yours, S.


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