Shuba’s Weblog

Journeys of the soul…

on love…

on March 9, 2009

This pulse, this heartbeat
this love courses through my veins
I was bewildered by this voice
that just seems to know.

I closed my ears – trying to be ‘sane’
until my hands ached and I let go
surrendering to this voice
saner than ever before

I looked for you on the inside
following the niches of my body to find you
when I opened my eyes-
you are reflected everywhere on the outside

This soul is yours – from long long ago
This body I carry – to speak your language
Every pulse, every heartbeat,
every glance is yours.

I see through your eyes –
the magical dance that flows and flows
every undulating curve, a beautiful sunrise
every swaying, a sensual wind
every breeze, a whisper your name

You course through my veins.
I have stopped looking.
Now I just am.

with love, S.


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