being with what is…

this is the most important lesson I am learning…what it is like to be with whatever comes up in life.

It has been a good week overall. a few days were very tiring inside me, a deep ache, a sadness. possibly rising because of seeing someone close to me suffering. some days physically exhausting – they both seem to go hand-in-hand. other days vibrant, waking up with a song in my head. seeing the sun set. the full moon lighting up the sky. normally, such a week of ups and downs would have me feeling like I am on a roller-coaster. and yet there was one thing that was constant this week in my life.

I was there present, for whatever came along. when I was tired, I noticed. with curiosity and compassion and love. somehow being tired wasn’t a problem. and believe me, thats a first. maybe because I wasn’t fighting it. I was being with it. with myself and whatever I was going through. and interestingly, the tiredness too passed. so did thoughts. actions. ideas. things come and go. and being with them as they occur is not only more easeful, it is more effortless. it requires a few commitments – to not judge, to forgive, and to believe that nothing is really a problem.

when nothing is really a problem, we have no reason to push away anything. and so we stay. and then we start seeing – really seeing things as they are. and they cease to disturb us anymore. because thats what our emotions and feelings really need. some attention. some recognition. acceptance and compassion. and when we start learning this, life becomes what it is – a dance where everything is welcome.

may we be with what is, this weekend.
with love, S.


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