graced by pain…

We would never think of pain and suffering as being something connected with grace and beauty. most of the times, I find pain to be…crippling and intense. It always makes me wonder in puzzlement – where did this come from! most of the times, I’m surprised by pain. as if I’m on this really smooth ride-very focused and aware and present. and suddenly comes a big bump and I wonder what I did wrong. that this shouldn’t be happening.

it always takes me time to realize that pain is not ‘wrong’. it just is. just like joy. it just happens. and its an essential part of life. we cannot really escape it. You could have the best in life, and still hurt sometimes. thats the truth of it. sometimes its our own personal sorrow. sometimes, its something larger than us – that we happen to connect to. sometimes, I cannot help but think we have grief collected from lifetimes that we have to live through.

and then I wonder, how can I find a way to be okay with this? and the only answer I have is, stop judging. stop blaming, complaining and judging and start accepting. if we can accept pain, we start living. feeling things we never did. its as if pain brings us alive. makes us human. vulnerable, powerless and not in control. and living with this, finding a way to be kind and compassionate in the midst of this allows us to live truly.

may we be in peace with what comes along,
with love, S.


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