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on May 13, 2009

This is just the time of year that one thinks of abundance. The nature abounds in wealth all around us. the lusciousness of the green and the yellow flowers…is simply amazing.

In astrology class, my teacher and friend Stella brought our attention to abundance. To me, abundance ties in hand in hand with generosity. when we feel abundant in what we have, we can give others more easily. we are less needy. and we experience gratitude. abundance is a practice just like anything else. it is noting of the abundance that allows us to appreciate it. savoring it in our consciousness- each moment standing on this Earth, feeling the breeze touch the skin… being able to give others our time and attention… being given the love of others…

As I worked with abundance, and Goddess Lakshmi, and thought of where I needed abundance in my life, it spontaneously came to me: I want abundance of time. I often feel harried, like there isn’t enough time for me to just be, without having something to do. and as I brought this thought into my attention and I acknowledged it, something started shifting. The very next day, a work trip I had been excited about, got canceled. And instead of being upset, I was glad – it seemed like a sign that the universe was making room for me to have time.

At various moments, it allowed me to pause. when I went for a walk earlier this week, I acknowledged the abundance of time I had that made it possible. As I was shopping in coop last evening, I noticed that I had this window of time and I did not have to be anywhere else. Slowly I realized that I was more abundant in time than I realized! It allowed me to be generous with my own time with a dear friend, a spontaneous beautiful encounter.

It is a practice. I am realizing that everything in life is based around intentions and practice and our own perceptions. if we think we have abundance, we will see everything in that light. And when we don’t feel abundant, we will make room. As I head into challenges this week, I hold this in my heart hoping that it will guide me make the right choices.

may we have abundance in whatever we want and need,
with love, S.


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