underneath it all…

Sometimes we think that if we struggle, we have failed somehow. that we should be riding the waves of well-being all the time, and if we fall, it’s our fault. like we need to apologize for it.

In a book I read recently called ‘the year of wonders’ about this village in England struck my the plague, the people wonder for the longest time, why it happened. what sins they were paying for. when would their retribution end. and there is this part in the book where Anna, the heroine realizes – what if this wasn’t a punishment. what if it just was. like the passing of the seasons, like anything else that happens.

life is a struggle. for all of us. its no one’s fault. it just is.

struggles are hard and no one wants them. they are also inevitable. and they have a purpose – to make us grow. to allow us to unfold into the human beings we are meant to be. they teach us something about the way we do things. and most of all, to know that the struggles we go through can isolate us – or connect us. It is the choice we make. And when we connect, we become part of something larger. the humanity that breathes through us all.

I can’t help remembering words from Sylvia Boorstein’s book: ‘life is so hard. how can we be anything but kind? ‘.

may we be kind in our struggles,
with love, S.


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