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on May 21, 2009

Sometimes I do things that I thank myself for. πŸ™‚
like the massage I scheduled for myself yesterday. As I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my therapist, my mind went back to the last time I got a massage – a month ago in Punta Cana by the ocean. My body remembered how relaxed the hibuscus massage had been. and how wonderfully resting the entire vacation had been.
where had that restful feeling gone ? I wondered. This past month has been so full, so busy, I had allowed myself to forget what being rested feels like. I reminded myself not to be too hard – I was here now…

As I lay on the bed yesterday, suddenly all of my body ached. every joint. thats generally the case with a massage – you forget till you get one, how much you need it. The massage itself was heavenly. Wendy is amazing, and her hands listened to what my body needed. and my body responded likewise. After the massage, I felt exhausted at all the effort of living life – and ready for a deep state of sleep…which is what I did – I got 3 hrs of sleep after wards, till dinner time. complete crashing of my body, mind and soul.

and when I woke up, it felt good. like I was in Punta Cana again! πŸ™‚

may we listen to our bodies and give ourselves a chance to relax whenever we can…

with love, S.


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