the stories of the mind…

if your mind is anything like mine, it weaves a dozen stories each day about yourself, that all point to unworthiness and judgment in some way. I have noticed that one of the favorite pastimes of my mind is to berate myself, undermine and second guess me, or watch to see when I will fail. sounds terrible doesn’t it ? that’s just what my mind does sometimes. sometimes, I’m smart enough and centered enough to ignore all its complaints with me. and every now and then, I get caught up.

I get caught in the stories my mind tells me, and I start believing in them. and I start kicking and self-flagellating myself. I get caught, and lost in a maze. and then, somehow the moment comes, when I get tired listening to the stories, take a deep breath, and decide I have had enough. I get lost, yes. but I always come back. I find my way back with mindfulness. compassion. love and appreciation of what I have. the things I do. the things my heart does. and sometimes I ask – why ? why did I do that. why did I believe all those lies about myself. perhaps it is my mind’s reaction to stress. to find a way to tell me that things are not right with it. so once I get back, I listen. I pay attention and I forgive and console. and smile.

the mind is a butterfly – one moment this, one moment that. but the heart. the heart is a steady strong flame that stays unwaveringly bright in the wind.

may we listen to our hearts,
with love, S.


One thought on “the stories of the mind…

  1. thank you Shuba for the courage to state what most of us experience. yes indeed, how we can allow the mind to get caught up in all the lies. Thank God for the truth! The more and more and more we begin to believe the Truth of ourselves, the less and less and less room there will be in our minds for the untruths.

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