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on June 7, 2009

I open the doors of my home
waiting for a special someone
to visit

In comes fear-
not you – I think!
I stay hospitable,
invite fear in –
feed him hoping he will
leave soon
Somewhere in the activity
I forget fear is a visitor
And become entangled
with the wrong person!
When I become aware,
I look fear deeply in the eyes
fear vanishes –
a faint smile in the corner of my eyes

Next comes in Love –
so sweet and tender
melting my heart
hurting sometimes –
My house fills with the fragrance
of a dozen roses
Love breezes past,
leaving space behind

Finally comes in – Peace
my house floods with morning light
I relax and know
this is who I was waiting for
I ask: you are late!
Peace says: Oh I have already visited:

the first time,
you looked me in the eye –
the second time,
you melted –
I say: yes, and now I stand
steady and kind
as the wind blows the breeze –
you are finally here


2 responses to “visitor

  1. gypsy11 says:

    wow, this is beautiful. It seems that when you have peace, yes, you can relax and know.

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