I have often heard from and about people who live life with passion and mindfulness that their key is to embrace life. to embrace all of it without rejecting anything. so easily said and so difficult to do sometimes.

embracing life means accepting things as they are – and seeing the wisdom in it. that everything is just the way it should be.

I have had an interesting journey of my own this couple of weeks. Abhi is back from travel. and as always, that is a transition from solitude to partnership. I found my mind comparing, trying to prove which is better. when I realized neither of them are better than the other. they are different. and I can embrace both of them, as they bring to light different sides of me.

what happens when we start showing up for life without turning away ? we discover so much about ourselves. so many details we missed. we start knowing intimacy with our self. intimacy – a beautiful word. My teacher at a retreat brought up this thought – of developing intimacy with ourselves in each sitting, and in life in general.

when we can be intimate with ourselves, we can truly be intimate with others. accept them for exactly who they are. and forgive more easily. live life from a deeper place of knowing and trust, not passively but engaging in a different way. a way of gratitude – if you are grateful for everything, how can you turn away anything ?

with love, S.


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