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Today I saved a worm…

on July 4, 2009

This morning when I went to the bathroom, I saw this tiny worm crawling along the floor near the wall. my first instinct on seeing it, was to call for Abhi. generally with any type of insect or creature in the house, thats my reaction. then he would have come and said, I’ll take care of it, and that sometimes meant either putting it into the trash can or sometimes killing it.
just as I was about to call his name, I looked at it. so harmless. it was puzzling how it got to the bathroom. so I took a piece of long cardboard, got it to crawl on, and took it all the way downstairs, and let it go outside the front door. into the great outdoors. it felt phenomenal! like I had saved a life. the life of a tiny creature.

it reminded me of why I practice. its as if, just before you react, there is a pause. and a voice you didn’t know existed asks, is this really what you want? and then you can’t ignore the voice.

such a small incident. and yet, a happy one. for incidents like this strengthen our resolve to live mindfully and consciously in this world. every moment like this counts. I like to appreciate them when they come along – savor them as much as I can. it adds to my secret stash of daily joys… 🙂

with love, S.


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