validation for who we are, our existence, our self-worth, how lovable we are…most of us seek validation of some sort to explain this. and often times, we seek this validation in the outside world. if we do a certain something right, then we must be good. if we make it to the top, then we must be smart. even small things like, if we go on the retreats or do the yoga, then we must be spiritual.

seeking validation is the most normal thing we can do as human beings. we want the universe to reflect our inner goodness. and what can be more touching than that. it is where we seek to find that reflection, that often poses problems. as long as we seek validation in the outside world, we may be missing out something that is much closer – our inner heart, our inner compass, our instinct, our intuition. our intuition can tell us so much more about who we are, and if we are doing things right, than the outside world. Our intuition takes in the facts, and makes sense of them. and without that, we are simply looking at facts without understanding – and following the interpretation of others.

seeking the voice of our inner authority, our inner compass is so much harder. it sometimes means going against the tide to do what we believe in. and yet, this voice is the one that can sustain, that can tell us most clearly what we want, and how we are doing in this world. it needs a deep listening, a deep loving to be with whatever comes up, and incredible faith that this voice will never let us down.

it is not always convenient, because sometimes the voice goes against the norm. sometimes, it makes us stand alone in the storm. but it never shows us lies, not if we are honest. this voice, this mirror inside of us always reflects the truth. and the truth may change, but it will always be what is real in that moment.

seeking validation is good. so we may stay focused on our path, and navigate the way through turmoil, and fog, when things are not very clear. if we can learn to validate ourselves through listening to what really matters – our intuition, our inner voice, we will find a way to be true to our spirit.

may we have patience and forgiveness on this journey,
with love, S.


One thought on “validation…

  1. you are so much beauty. i came to your blog to see if you have left any comments about this past week. i have worried about you. i rarely visit your space, it is so intimate. your validation piece has comforted me.

    i needed that.

    be well lovely one.


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