being a buddha…

there is something amazing about the simple act of sitting and watching the breath. something that is brave about the willingness to sit and face whatever comes up. accept what is with gentleness and kindness and without turning away. something about this process allows the unfolding of the heart. its genuineness and its generosity. of the amazing beauty that surrounds us in every moment we are awake. that reminds us that we are alive. and that life is not so bad after all.

Today as I sat with my sangha, I realized that every moment we suffer is an opportunity to wake up. to learn all over again what it is to live in the present moment. to accept things as they are. and to see the beauty in this. things are perfect just as they are. how could they be any other way ? every moment, our mind wanders and we come back to the breath, we become alive again. every moment, we stress over the future or regret the past, we can recognize and come back to the present moment, and start over. I always read this, heard this. knowing this is infinitely more delightful! it is a journey of love and kindness, the journey of a lifetime that can be lived starting right now. it is the reason we practice.


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