The immense beauty of this universe sometimes catches me by surprise. I go along in life, in fear of so many things. Afraid to just be. Afraid to discover what it is to be me. What it is to connect with others without strings attached. Afraid to live because I might lose something precious.

And then comes these moments of awe when I realize that we have everything to lose – if we don’t start living in the right now. If we don’t appreciate how much we have, how many opportunities to connect.

Perhaps, it is the drug of ‘Raga Iman’ talking. My heart softening. Some great chats with cool passengers. Of reflecting on what every person is doing around me, whether it be the stewardess on board, or the woman giving me my chocolate croissant. For a tiny fraction of instant at least, several lives collide. And whether they change or not depends on us. Depends on how much we are willing to reach.

So many of my natural fears come up when I am traveling. Maybe that is why I always learn a lot each time. I learn of journeys. Of willingness to carry the loads each of us have been given in this universe, in this life. Of carrying them strongly, bravely, compassionately, like the laughing Chinese man does.

Everything is perfect just as it is. All we need to do is stop. Stop running, chasing, drop everything we do and live the moment of liberation we have right now. There is no point in waiting, because life will never get ‘better’, things will never fall into ‘perfect place’. We can start right now. Relax and focus. And pay attention to life as it unfolds. This life is a miracle!

With love, and gratitude, S.


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