Shuba’s Weblog

Journeys of the soul…

coming into peace…

on August 7, 2009

I walk into the gorgeous sun and it feels like a blessing. by the pond, the dragonflies twirl around near purple flowers. a cute tortoise, so small is swimming in the water, with what looks like joy to me! swimming around merrily, and taking breaks, just floating. everything is so peaceful. just as it should be. the water drifts along, and the trees sway in the breeze. I hear birds, chattering of voices around me. and yet in all the movement, there is such stillness. a quiet below the hum. the feeling that things are just perfect, and I didn’t make them so. and I don’t have to add a single thing to it. I can just sit back and enjoy. nothing is expected of me in that moment.
I take a deep breath and send a silent prayer of metta for all beings as I linger in the moment.

how humbling life is, and how much I don’t know. and how that is okay.

with love, S.


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