the unexpected life…

We go along in life thinking if we do our best, if we do what we have to, things will work out exactly the way we want them to. and then, boom! life happens.
there is something just a bit funny in how suddenly things can change. last thursday morning, I went to work just my regular self. thursday night – I had surgery for appendicitis! shows you, you never know what is coming next.

thanks to my practice, one thing I didn’t do, was wish this wasn’t happening to me. I could be present for most of it, not counting in my tryst with morphine. some of it was even cool! however, what I did do, was wish I could get back to life soon after. get back, get on my feet, ready set go. as if the journey that was unfolding wasn’t life, just a sideshow!

so I learnt. that the things that come our way, even if we didn’t want them, are really opportunities. opportunities that allow us to grow, to be more human, kinder. that we have plenty to be grateful for. that accepting the gifts of life, graciously, is an art. it has to be learned one moment at a time. and that suffering happens the moment when you don’t accept things as they are. and when you do, even the worst pain cannot hurt you. not in the same way.

I learnt of patience. of kindness. of acceptance. of gratitude. if we cannot be kind to ourselves, how can we hope to be kind to others ? if we cannot take care of ourselves when we are sick, how can we take care of others ?

I am learning to let go. one moment at a time.

with Love, S.


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