A reluctant love affair with Change…

A funny bone tickles me
I laugh not knowing why
I delight in small wonders
I take pleasure in the fact
That Change is always here

Oh yes, for sure
I hated his sight
When he came around that corner
Everything I had blew asunder
How could one do this?
I often wondered

Change was like that
He was always unexpected
When you were pretty comfortable
With yourself
He came and spoiled
your complacence

But then he always brought
Unexpected gifts
In fact, when you thought about it
He always made life interesting
Just a bit more fun
And you were always left
Better off than before

It is like the love affair
Of Rhett Butler and Scarlett
He was roguish and rakish
Unpredictable and incorrigible
And yet he was also
Making her heart tingle
In ways unimagined

In fact, once you get used to Change
You start liking him
Just how dependable he is
In being unexpected
How he challenges everything you hold
And leaves you stronger and bold

I can’t believe I’m saying this
But I believe, I like Change!
Oh yes, I still complain
But I also smile secretly
And think,
Here you are, again.


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