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a fleeting glance…

on September 10, 2009

I wonder if you have noticed how your heart is drawn to certain people. your heart just cares about them. that they be happy and that they be well. there aren’t any reasons for this.

initially, this used to throw me off. I would try to find reasons. It was great when I stopped doing that and realized that its just something the heart does. it cares. and we can dwell in it, in that loving-kindness and feel good.

It also used to throw me off if that person was of the opposite sex. and then I realized again, that this caring had nothing to do with man, woman, sexuality or attachments. it was more like soul-friendship, connecting with kindred spirits.

sometimes our love is personal. like my husband, my sister, my parents. and sometimes it is the simple caring for people we know share our journeys. it may be brief. like the one time I traveled with this amazing passenger on a flight, who had kind eyes. it may be more often like the woman/friend who works with me. I don’t see her often, but when we do, we instantly connect from the soul. it may be someone we have known, but don’t see anymore – and still know that the connection is there.

when we bring awareness to our heart’s caring, we start living fully. this doesn’t mean doing something about it. sometimes it just means being with it. without fear and without drawing back. instead, we engage with the heart in a friendly way. I guess that’s what they call loving-kindness!

may we open to the possibility of living and loving with kindness and friendliness,
with love, S.


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