Shuba’s Weblog

Journeys of the soul…

a simple life…

on September 22, 2009

what do I know
about struggles
I live a simple life
I give thanks for
everything I have
I take time to breathe
I walk by the woods
I worship the goddess
I dance to music
I watch the trees dance
and I smile

and when I see a loved one
suffering, my heart softens
my eyes fill with compassion
and I reach out

I am not perfect
I make plenty of mistakes
I forget sometimes to be kind
I react sometimes in anger or hurt
sometimes I’m too busy to
pay attention and notice the things
that matter

and then I remember –
yes I lead a simple life
but I can feel what it is
to be hungry,
to be homeless
in pain and lonely

perhaps that is why I lead
a simple life
to be thankful
to enjoy the blessings I have
to spread some of the love around
and appreciate the goodness
I see around me in other hearts


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