orienting our attention towards our experience…

Life is a meditation. a journey of choice.
We can choose to pay attention to others, to what is happening outside, to the society and how we are supposed to be, and get our cues from there for doing the right thing. If you are a sensitive type like me, you have always been hyper aware of what people around you are feeling, and wanting Oh to do and say the the absolute right thing and to not hurt anyone. and that starts getting stressful after a while, so you start setting aside time to be with yourself away from the world, a place where you can truly be yourself.

there is another choice, another way to be, as I am starting to discover. To reorient our attention, to pay attention to the inside, to our own personal experience of how life is unfolding. focusing that sensitivity from the outside to the inside so that we can instead be mindful of our body and our experience. that also has the ability to wake us up and lead us to wise action, provided that the attention is inclined towards understanding, rather than judging.

when this shift happens, life starts to open up. there is no rejecting, since everything, every person, every relationship is a mirror for understanding. the truth is reflected everywhere. we no longer have to search. peace is right here in what is happening right now. not in some place else we go chasing after. we can wake up and be. it is in fact effortless. what helps is to reorient our attention, It is like you are a circle. all this while, you were keenly aware of the world unfolding outside the circle, so you could conform to the shape that felt comfortable. that usually means shrinking. Instead now, you pay attention to the inside of the circle. and as you start doing it, the circle starts expanding…to make space. and you start becoming larger and more spacious.

with this kind of mindfulness and receiving our inner experience, we learn to surrender to our inner experience, and to trust. to be rather than do. to live rather than run. to soften rather than judge. to be passionate and die a million deaths rather than hide for fear of hurting. and this naturally leads to a joy because we discover our own capability for wisdom, love and understanding.

living life in the true sense needs us to persevere, be courageous and grateful. what do we have to lose ? what is it that we can’t bear ? and how can that open our hearts to what we truly are ?

may we have the ability to be present and surrender to our life’s experiences.
with profound gratitude and metta, S.


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