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The light of the dark…

on November 13, 2009

The dark places. we have all seen them, been in them. and we know. the dark gets pretty dark. and lonely. and yet…necessary. for without the dark, how can we appreciate the light ? the light we take oh! so for granted.

When we are in the dark, we forget that the dark is really the other side of light. the light of understanding. for in the dark, we really have an opportunity to understand something about ourselves, that we don’t see in the light.

perhaps it is the courage we have in the dark of fear. perhaps Love in the dark of loneliness. the spirit in the depths of doubt. the acceptance in the depths of uncertainty. something to hold on to, that arises from the depths of the dark and leads us to the light. it is always there, but more so in the dark. and this becomes visible. somehow the light of the dark illuminates our deepest being and brings the hidden into the open.

it is hard when you are in the dark places in life, to know that it is simply what it is. a necessity, and a fact of life. not as a way to grinding our teeth and getting through it, but as simple and elementary as the breath having an in and an out. and that knowledge comes in handy. last evening, in yoga, a wave of deep longing for my home, my childhood, all the things that I loved about my past came up. it wasn’t images, it was a deep ache for that which has passed. and somehow in the wake of the pain, a knowing spontaneously arose: ah. longing. this is what longing feels like. and staying with it that way allowed me to be with it. and see it end. and joy arise. for there is always both. the fact of life. the in and out of the breath.

the light and the dark. which is which becomes unclear as we start dancing with both. A quote I read recently: ‘life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. it is about learning to dance in the rain’.

with Love, S.


6 responses to “The light of the dark…

  1. “The light and the dark. which is which becomes unclear as we start dancing with both.” – Wonderfully put Subha! The problem I think is , we have grown up with the knowledge (most often simply led to believe) that it is only the light we should be constantly seeking and that darkness is bad. So we try to ride it out as fast as possible. As with any fear, instead of finding the nature of it and looking into its eyes, we try to look forward in time where that fear is not there. That way we simply put off meeting the fear / darkness phase, thereby struggling to deal with it thro’ out our lives.
    The last quote on dancing in the rain, sums up nicely our woes with not being to live in the present. If we assumed that darkness never existed and continue questioning if the light that we are seeking would be as bright as it is when darkness exists, do you think we might understand it better?

    • Shuba says:

      Dear Balaji,
      It is the human nature, to cling on to what we love, and turn away from what we don’t. When we can see it for what it is, we come closer to freedom. the answer as you say is in questioning and understanding.
      may we be free,

  2. David says:

    Authentic expressionistic dance reveals the inappropriate separation of light and dark! Dance the light, then the dark; with the energy and movement of abstract human expression both are true and real for the dancer and the observer. The duality dissolves in the reality of being present and with one another.

    I appreciate that you’ve mentioned dance. I’ve been performing and taking workshops in Butoh dance for years as well as practicing Qi Gong. These are helpful transformational practices that displace the dualistic conditioning with embodied presence.

  3. Priya says:

    That is so beautifully written Shub ..And i cant agree more with it…Darkness slows u down from the rush of being somewhere, forces us to take a step back and think through your own life…and if not for those moments of introspection, one would never appreciate what we really want or have…And i abs love the quote ‘life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. it is about learning to dance in the rain’…

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