Knowing that which is known…

Raga Des has always been one of my favorites. When the tune of Des starts out, you sit up. you think, I know this tune! it is so familiar! I have heard this before. and as the tune continues, you realize that you do know it. you come to know what it is that you know. the knowing. of home.

knowing that which you know. that is really the practice of mindfulness. bringing the hidden into the open. the depths to the surface. when we listen through our sense doors, when we pay attention, we start to be there as life unfolds…and we come to know all the things that are already part of us. a wordless sense of knowing. how does one describe it ? its when you see the sun setting, the pink sky, the trees rising up against the horizon. and you know without doubt that this is beauty. this is gratitude. you know. deep in your bones. you don’t need any explanation.

I wonder if that is why, the saints and monks use so much of language about nature in their poems. in the nature, we touch that knowing. this kind of knowing changes us.

I think of the most amazing uplifting life-changing experiences of my life, and the common thread has been this luminous presence of awareness. being present. as if I emptied my mind completely and showed up without expectations. willing to be changed by what came about. that is what we are urged to do, in every moment. to be willing to be changed by our experience. Of course its not easy. but it is possible. the more we practice, the more we show up. the more we truly are. whatever our experience is. can we be one with that sunset ? with that music ? with that Love ? with that ecstasy ? with that pain ? can we touch that knowing inside of us ? Can we change in every moment ?

wishing us courage on this journey,
with Love, S.


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