living the truth…

Sometimes I want to record all these amazing things that happen in my life. conversations I have with my dearest friends. moments of love and beauty. I think thats why I write. some record of my life, so that if ever I lose my memory, I can look at something that tells me what my life has been like. and yet … no words could ever reveal the truth of our experiences.

there is so much that happens in life. every day, every moment. and it is always about us! every experience is what we bring into this universe. we project our ideas and thoughts on to others but in reality it is always our mind and our experience. and that is where the truth lies. the truth is different in every moment for every person. there is no absolute truth. and that is why the truth can only be known by direct experience. this is why Buddha told us never to believe anyone, but to learn through our own experience.

what is the truth really ? so many layers to it. imagine I react to a situation with judgement. by being present, I realize that I am in fact judging. and that what I am experiencing is because of this judgement. this is the truth then. but then I can go underneath and find out why I judge. what past actions have resulted in this pattern. I see the reason why (another truth) and I have compassion (another truth). now where in all this is the actual event taking place ? and who is to say that the experience should have been different ? everything happens just as it does. and the truth lies when we are willing to show up for it. so many layers to this.

and the more present we are, the more opportunities for learning, joy, intimacy, wisdom our experience contains. it unfolds. nothing in the outside has changed, but we start living the truth.

and sometimes, on days like this, I want to record every moment of it. what if… ? that day too will come. but words can never describe what each of us experience in a day in a lifetime. look at the stars above in the perfect constellations of Orion. have you seen anything this beautiful ? or mid-afternoon cloudy skies with just the glint of sunlight through, shining among the roofs and the birch trees. the chill on your body when you step outside, waking you up to fresh air. the ground under your feet and this body that connects you to heaven.

how can we ever record all of this ? but that doesn’t mean I can’t try 🙂 I am a human being after all, naive enough to try. simply because it makes my heart feel good – sharing my life and my experience. putting it out there. a voice among many voices. one experience among many. one river in this stream of consciousness.

with profound amazement at this experience of being human,
with Love, S.


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