the beauty on the wayside…

This poem is dedicated to every one of us on a spiritual journey seeking the truth and liberation. may we find freedom!
with metta, S.


I have known Love
in those eyes waking, gazing
in whom I wish to reside forever

I have known Magic
in the stars of the Night
and the full moon Light

I have known Joy
in the music of Life
and the dance of the sunset

I have known Kindness
from this Earth I walk on
all encompassing, forgiving, embracing

I have known Care
By a wonderful Dear friend
my soul- whispers and delights

I have known Courage
To sit with Doubt and Fear
and willing to face them with fire

I have known Wisdom
Of letting go
Of things I love most

I have known grace
from the Sun’s Light
and the Love of loved ones

I have known Life
through this breath – this one
and this one, and this one.


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