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sunrise sunrise…

on February 5, 2010

Often times, when I step outside in the fresh air to take a break, I experience this profound sense of well-being. Something about the trees and the open skies, especially when it is a clear day is such balm to the soul. Its this knowledge that we are such a tiny part of this universe and how amazing it is that we can experience the universe through our own tiny experiences. The horizons, the cool air, the breeze, the possibilities, it holds such magic for me.

Some mornings these days, I manage to catch the sunrise. The sun rises just opposite our window in the guest bedroom, so I wake up, get a cup of milk and sit there watching the sun with a book. Every time I look up and see the change coursing across the skies, I’m awash with gratitude at the sheer beauty of it. Then the day takes its usual course and I sort of forget the magic, till I’m outside again and I remember the morning, how special it was. It makes me smile all over again.

How precious these few moments that bring us alive. What would life be without these small moments ? May we have many countless more of them…

with Love, S.


One response to “sunrise sunrise…

  1. robotcookies says:

    This is a beautiful post. I often wonder about the mysterious feel that comes with the early sunrise. A brand new day, a new fresh start. Very exciting.

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