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A Girl’s got to eat…

on February 22, 2010

I have always had a very loving – bordering on obsessive, relationship with food. It is the default topic for my thoughts. There have been more than one sit on more than one meditation retreat, to put it mildly, where I have fantasized about food, either what I just ate or what I would like to eat. Or what menu I would have for an imaginary party or what kind of food I would have in an imaginary restaurant owned by me. It is all quite interesting, the minute details my mind can get into when left alone with thoughts of food.

So Imagine my consternation now that this is getting out of hand! I am about 10 weeks pregnant. and most of the day all I can think of is my next meal and how to get there. Everyday, I get up and first thing in the morning, I have a Good Day biscuit. It turns out, as I am finding out, what works best for my system are eatables I grew up with. what a surprise! Like Maggi noodles. I made Maggi the other day for an evening snack and it seemed a miracle that not only could I eat it, but I actually loved it. Go figure. I ate Maggi every evening after school when I was growing up. That was our ritual. As with curd rice and sambar/pickle. Man, this stuff tastes heaven!! I really don’t think I need anything else for dinner. The other day I slurped on curd rice and ate so quickly that it went on the wrong side. My husband actually told me to slow down. Who would have guessed! Obviously the baby is going to have very sophisticated tastes.

I really never thought I would get desperate about food. I mean, I have seen the signs. Still, I couldn’t think it was possible to think more about food than I already did in my saner days. So, it feels a bit crazy when after that Good Day biscuit, milk, breakfast and so on, right around 11.00am, I get fidgety. I start wondering when is the appropriate time that sane people have lunch. I wait, staring into space, looking like I’m thinking deep proofs of science in my office till about 11.30. That’s all I can take. Then I dive into my lunch box or Cafetaria depending on which can be mouthed successfully. And there is euphoria for about an hour after wards. And that’s when I wish I had Badam halwa.

You know, the most amazing thing in all of this is that I am actually learning to cook decent south-indian meals. I never thought that would happen. Being married to a Punjabi and liking north-indian food a lot myself, it comes as a pleasant surprise. So I am learning to cook, out of necessity. I made a mean Sambar and Paruppusali the other night. It was actually the real stuff!! Thanks to a most wonderful blog by two Mamis: The Yum Blog
Thank god for Blogs!

So if you are a food addict, you are not alone. You are not crazy. You just really really appreciate food. And/or you are pregnant. And you could have been a cook in your previous life-time.

Keep eating, and if its the Good stuff, think of me.

With tolerant acceptance of mine and others’ idiosyncrasies, thank God for them!
With Love, S.


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