A tiny seed of life
is all it takes
to wake us up to
the miracle that is life

we live it everyday
and yet we forget
what magic is
we laugh at elves and fairies

ah! we are so smart!
that we forget the essential
breath is magic, can you explain?
heart beating, can you see ?

from a tiny seed, life grows
it is nothing short
of magic.


2 thoughts on “Magic…

  1. Lovely…And congratulations…(Kind of had a hunch after reading this, without having to read your ‘Girl’s gotta eat’ post :)…

    A friend of mine told me a couple of days back that i should have a kid sometime soon, saying parenting is something we’re meant to experience (she asked me to not break my head too much over the partner part, and that the kid is the real deal :)… Don’t know about all that, but i am sure that you’ll have more of your zen moments, and write some more about sunshine and rainbows…Good luck :)…

  2. Thanks Frissko…The poem is a giveaway, isn’t it ? I wrote it after we saw the first ultrasound – this tiny pod-sized baby with a shape that was hardly decipherable…but with a heart beating! It truly felt like a miracle. Now, I literally have ‘two hearts beating in one body’ 🙂

    You will make a wonderful parent. Your friend is absolutely right – maybe you SHOULD skip to the kid part 🙂

    With Love, S.

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