The unfolding of experience…

I don’t know the answer to most of Life’s questions. I like to talk about them, discuss them, write in my blog…But I know the underlying reality is that I don’t have a clue. There is a lot I don’t know in Life.

I’m starting to learn one thing though. How to pay attention.

It is interesting how simply by cultivating the intention to be present, and to pay attention to what is going, we start discovering a whole new universe. Of experience, of people, of generosity, of protection. So much that the heart starts opening to, one wonders what changed. Nothing except we start waking up. Everything on the outside remains the same. Only, we start showing up for more of what we used to sleep through. We start showing up for the anger, the boredom, the joy, the enchantment, the hurt, the disappointments, the anticipation, the energy. And we discover that underneath all the labels, there is actually something happening. An experience that changes, vibrates, pulses with the energy of Life. As we start to do this, the fears start to melt away leaving a sense of lightness and peace.

It always amazes me when I realize over and over again: that nothing on the outside needs to change. When the mind is relaxed and curious, what was stressful becomes ease-full. And from that place of ease comes the wise decisions. And when that happens, that is the aha moment – the one that strengthens our intention to be present, that sustains us. We start to cultivate a largeness of heart that seems to arise from simply accepting what we have unconditionally. Rumi says in his poem ‘Invisible Bee’:

Look how desire has changed in you,
how light and colorless it is,

with the world growing new marvels
because of your changing. Your soul

has become an invisible bee. We
don’t see it working, but there’s

the full honeycomb! ‘

There is so much in this poem…
May we all nurture the change in our lives, the building of the honeycomb!

With Love, S.


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