A cherished moment of freedom…

Sunny blue skies and a playful breeze touching my face – what is it about letting go that brings so much joy! ?

We have so many wants in life. Big ones, small ones. And every now and then, we realize that we are ‘wanting’ something and we let go. and we experience that perfect moment of peace. Perfect too, because it is ephemeral – before another want comes up. And yet – the beauty of that moment! When we know we are free. nothing holds us back from the experience of that moment.

Such moments are rare and precious few – but some how they seem to make up for those countless moments of wanting !

With Love, S.


4 thoughts on “A cherished moment of freedom…

  1. Wonderfully put Shuba! When letting go brings so much joy, it’s strange that we have built a society around acquiring /wanting stuff 🙂 Was it designed that way intentionally so that we can discover what is true joy, similar to how we often use contradiction to arrive at proofs of theorems in mathematics ?

    1. Balaji, that is such a positive way of thinking about suffering! 🙂 Perhaps you are right – this endless cycle of wanting provides us the perfect backdrop for reaching for true joy and peace.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful Shuba…. ” what is it about letting go that brings so much joy! ?”….. Also what is it about letting go that makes it SOOOOOOO tough for me??? Please help me open my fist!!!

    1. Aparna, join the gang *grin*
      Letting go is HARD and not just for you. And opening of that tight fist happens much too slowly… But once you set the intention, it does happen. just take a deep breath, many deep breaths, that is the start 🙂

      And if I think you are who you are, it is such a delightful surprise to hear from you! 🙂

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