Death and birth…

It is incredible to me how much death and birth go hand-in-hand. Expecting a baby, a birth into this universe of another soul, another being, is brought into my consciousness every time my baby kicks. and she is an active one.

And on the other side of the same coin, is the death everyday. Of beings we know and love. Sometimes painful and yet inevitable. and also of complete surrender, of notions and ideas of what things should be like.

You know that space into which the exhalation of the breath drops into ? That last prolonged letting go of the air and the space before you catch your next breath. That too is the place of surrender, of the unknown, of death. Sometimes, I notice how hard it is to drop into that place. How unsettled and panicky I feel when I try to force myself into it. and how when I let myself off and play around the edges, that place of surrender becomes more accessible. If I go gently, I can die in peace. If I force it, it goes nowhere.

That place of letting go – and being reborn with the new breath – brings a deep sense of peace. Knowing that we are reborn in every moment – what could be more full of possibilities ? And knowing we die in every moment – what could be a more profound reminder of letting go ?

With Love, S.


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