grateful surrender…

A day-long mini-vacation by the Lake Nubanussit not very far from where we live, with dear family and friends. Something about being by the water, the stillness, the trees, the birds, the hum of the boat, the sounds of the loons, the crickets at night – enchantment. And like a thirsty traveler, I took all that enchantment in.

A last chance to get away before our baby makes her way into this beautiful world. What I felt was, to quote Mary Oliver in Straight talk from Fox, ‘responsible, joyful, thankful. I would not give my life for a thousand of yours’.

It did take time to let go. Letting go is easiest by the water, I do believe that. Yet part of me wanted to dissolve completely, wanted to be utterly alone to take it all in. while still so grateful for loving companionship of dear friends. And finally the moment of peace when I realized what I had was just perfect as it was – the company of love among the vastness of nature.

It always seems, in any struggle, there is that moment of surrender – if we stay long enough. When we have the chance to actually let go of what we hold on to. And suddenly all the struggles melt away. And we know what peace means in that moment. That moment is what reaffirms our commitment over and over again to be present with the struggles.

Here is to our struggles…and our peace.

With Love, S.


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