Starting over…

Yesterday was New Year’s. It wasn’t the best of days here at home. Some tiredness, some tantrums, some sleepiness, some uneasiness. The day went by so quickly and I had a vague sense of dissatisfaction. Like the day had somehow fallen short of my expectations, even though I didn’t quite know what they were. I’m sure we all have had days like this.

So imagine my delight when I realized this morning that I can start over. I can begin again. Whatever those expectations were, I had the choice to drop them and come back to this day, this moment. just like that. That is what life offers us over and over again. A chance to start over. wherever we are. To come into it with a fresh perspective. To bring gratitude and love into our lives over and over again. To learn to forgive and let go. What a tremendous gift!

It leaves me expansive with delight. something so ordinary. coming back to the breath. to my feet on this ground. To my hands typing on this computer. To the sound of snow melting outside the window. Baby sleeping next to me. Very ordinary. and yet so much here!

It doesn’t matter that we get lost in our stories and expectations. Its the coming back that matters. the ability to start over. And its not a race! Even one moment of mindfulness in a day can wake us up. That’s all we need – a single moment of being present.

May we start over a million times each day!

With Love and Best wishes for a love and gratitude-filled new year, S.


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