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The Rhythm of Life…

on January 8, 2011

It is so hard for us to trust in the rhythm of life. Even though it happens in every moment, every day: the in breath and the out breath. the expansion and the contraction. the tension and the release. The push and the pull inherent in life.

We are so caught up in the judging of our experiences, in pressing the ‘like’ and the ‘dislike’ buttons that we forget that this push and pull is life unfolding. It is how things work, it is the human experience.

Health and sickness. Another manifestation of this dance. Both Anjali and I have been sick these past couple of days with cold. Anjali is my 4-month old daughter. It has given me the opportunity to witness how each of us have gone through this experience. I have, in addition to being physically tired, added to the misery by thinking of how I brought this on to myself and her, how I could have avoided it, how this is awful, and how I wish I didn’t have to go through this. Anjali has been tired and fussy as well, but she hasn’t wished the experience otherwise. And there is something freeing in that.

We have all had times when we have gone through something difficult, but it has felt less difficult because of our acceptance of things as they are. And sometimes, it has felt tremendously hard because of our wishing things were otherwise. This too, is the push and pull we can notice. That gives us another insight into the human experience. As Rumi says, ‘Listen, and feel the beauty of your separation, the unsayable absence.’

With love, S.


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