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This moment’s Grace…

on March 12, 2011

Today I want to write about grace. When things flow seamlessly, and come together to create something beautiful. When we experience moments of peace. So many conditions come together to make a single moment of peace happen and for us to experience grace. If we can appreciate these moments, however few or many they may be, they deepen our own joy and happiness in the way things are. We make a choice: to orient our attention towards what is good, and sacred in any moment. And there is always that in every moment. Even simply the fact that we are alive, and having an experience is a moment of grace. The more we choose this, this orienting towards what is good and kind, the more I am finding, there is goodness happening. And this feels very generous towards my own spirit.

Perhaps, this is Renounciation in a way. I’m reminded of this word, because the chapter we are reading currently in my weekly meditation/dharma group is on Renounciation (in the book by Sylvia Boorstein called ‘Pay attention for goodness’ sake’ ). Renouncing those thoughts that lead to suffering, and embracing those thoughts that cultivate and deepen the feeling of grace is a choice we can make. Coming out of a long winter, this practice seems especially important. What is the grace in this moment that we can orient to, that can open our hearts and bring more space? What is this moment’s grace… ?

With Love, Shuba.


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