Rothberg on mindfulness…

Right now, we are reading Donald Rothberg’s wonderful book called ‘The engaged spiritual life’ in our meditation group. Even though I’m not as regular as I would like to be with the group, I’m immensely enjoying reading the dhamma knowing that others are reading it too. We are at the second chapter on mindfulness and what Rothberg talks about connected with me immediately. He talks about three ways of mindfulness – of the body, of the heart and of the mind, and that every one of us naturally leads with one over the others. That we can use this natural ability to bring our attention to the present moment, and then explore the other two.

For me, I’ve often noticed that it is the heart that comes more easily. The heart and its good will and compassion connects me more deeply to the present than anything else has. Every time I struggle, I try to ask, how can I stay open to this? and when I can’t, can I bring compassion and comfort to this pain?

But I have also found that with the metta, I can sometimes get emotional and overly spacey, if I’m not grounded in my body. and without the clear-seeing peaceful mind, it is sometimes hard to have clarity. Rothberg’s chapter made a lot of sense, and also reminded me that this process is unique to each person, but it is also natural. As we learn to trust our own experience, we start to develop a sense of what works well for us, and what brings us peace, and we start to have a sort of grace as we flow with the many many changes in life.

Here is to being present in our life, for our experience,
with Love, Shuba.


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