compassion in action…

I wrote this over the weekend, and am finally getting a chance to post…
Today I’m feeling good. Today, I held Anjali when she woke up crying from her nap – I held her for 20 minutes, while she cried. And I stayed present!

The usual thoughts that my mind absolutely loves, thoughts like, “is it something she ate? Is it the craniosacral therapy she got done this afternoon? Is it a bad dream?” started to make their way in, but this time I was firm. No trouble shooting, just being. More importantly, I’m not going to believe this idea in my head that every time gudiya cries, it is because of me and how I messed up. Not this time. I don’t think Abhi treats each cry as a reflection of his ability to be a Dad! Maybe every thing, every difficult thing Anjali does, didn’t have to be a reflection of how I am as a Mom!! What a revelation!

Listening to somebody else’s pain, even if it is your 10-month old, without turning away, does something. It makes you feel generous and expansive, patient and present. It makes you feel like a million bucks. And it makes the other person feel comforted, and what could be better?

So, today, I held Anjali, let her cry, without agenda or purpose, and after 20 minutes, she was done, and cheerful and ready to play hide and seek. Things pass and they change, and even difficult situations do end. And in that difficult moment when we make that choice to stay instead of run, to be instead of do, we set something in motion. An intention perhaps, or even the possibility. And the next time, the situation repeats itself; it becomes just a little bit easier to let go…


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