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on August 29, 2011

As Anjali nears the age of 1, we are reaching the phase where she follows us everywhere around the house. Literally, everywhere, including the loo where she stands holding the flush. She wants to participate in everything we do – from cooking to cleaning to typing to using the bathroom. She comes crawling in her typical crawl with her knees up in the air like she is walking in downward-dog pose. Her curiosity is immense and she can’t always understand why she is not included in, for example, the phone call I’m talking on.

I love that about her – that endless curiosity to be part of everything. I’m also becoming aware that this is the time for setting boundaries and saying NO to some things. And I find myself hesitating, lingering in some nostalgia for the simple days when life was less complicated.

I know that we have to teach our children that some things are NO, teach them to listen so that they can be out of harm’s way, and be non-harming towards others. Teach them that there are some rules. And there are repercussions. And you can’t always get what you want.

But I find myself thinking instead- What about the carefree joy of doing whatever you want without caring about the consequences? What about the knowing that whatever you want, your Mamma will give it to you. What about that kind of innocent freedom she has that I envy so much?! That is when I wish she wouldn’t grow up too quickly.

So I hesitate, in this moment, on this day. I know it will pass and I will act, out of greater wisdom. But right now, I just want her to be as she is, as I cook her breakfast, and she stands holding my pants with her arms outstretched, wanting me to pick her up so that she can find out what is in breakfast. And I will pick her up. And some other day, I will be more ready to say No.

With Love, Shuba.


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