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on October 4, 2011

In our experience of life, I’m starting to realize how trusting makes all the difference. How when we breathe, trusting allows us to know that there will be the next breath – we don’t have to rush it, we don’t have to control it, it happens spontaneously, and unconditionally. Trusting invites us to let go, not knowing what will arise next, but knowing that whatever it is, will be okay. This trust goes a long way in relaxing into life and bring present for its wonder, joy and delight, without waiting for some miracle or some experience or some expectation. This joy in the here and now is accessible when we release all that we hold on to, all that we try to control so desperately, whether it be a red light when we are late for class, or a crying baby when we are leaving for date night or that project we want to do oh so perfectly. This release requires us to trust – that whatever comes up next is okay, in the very fibers of our being.

Sometimes, this means trusting that people have good intentions and they are doing the best they can. Then the situations where we are prone to judging become opportunities for understanding. Trusting and letting go can feel scary, but more often than not, it ends up being a relief, that we no longer have to pretend to have everything under control. This gentle letting go also shifts something and allows space for us to release into the support that lies beneath us. It is like Rumi says, ‘Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? they fall, and falling, they’re given wings.’

In the past few weeks, what has amazed me is how once we let go, we find that there is something incredible holding us all together – our inter-connection, our inter-being. There is no other word for it – it is both humbling as well as ecstatic. I find that friends and family magically appear when I need their help and people give me opportunities when I least expect them. My close relationships present this opportunity to go deeper because I’m truly vulnerable in a way I haven’t been before. And the universe is allowing for me to experiment with my time in a way I simply couldn’t have orchestrated myself.

When we trust, we allow for a new something to unfold. We become small again like a child, and in doing so, we become larger than we could ever imagine. It doesn’t mean everything will be great and we will be happy every after. But it means, no matter what, we will be okay.

Trusting means letting go of the breath we are holding, knowing that the next breath will come up, inevitably, as long as we continue to live. We can let the comfort of that knowing support us, no matter how difficult this moment is. This too shall pass. May this trust allow us to become more and more open to the experience of life…

with Love, S.


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