first heartbreak and first break!

Yesterday I got my first reject in the mail: for a piece I wrote on mind fog. Its an essay I spent a great deal of time and love on, and that is very close to my heart. I sent it to a buddhist magazine that I like reading, and the Editor wrote a nice note that they couldn’t accept it.

Interestingly, when you don’t hear back, there is still hope. But when you do hear back and it is a reject, in that moment, the heart breaks just a little bit. I tried not to dwell on it, but I did reread the piece, and thought to myself, perhaps this doesn’t fit the magazine. Though I say I tried not to dwell, dwell I did, moping around the house with Anjali in tow, feeling sorry for myself.

And then I happened to read the chapter on doubt from the lovely book ‘writing down the bones’, which I had borrowed from the lovely Joni Cole at the writers center (Joni’s workshop had been the inspiration for my mind fog piece). The chapter hit home, and the tears came. Of course, we doubt everything when something doesn’t work out!

But here is the amazing thing: I just dropped off Anjali at daycare and her teacher congratulated me on my article getting published. YES! My first piece in print, in the local magazine Kid Stuff. Divine intervention? A little bit of luck? Great timing? Perhaps all of it. I came into the house and did a happy dance. If you get a chance to see this magazine in the local shops (it is free), be sure to read my piece. It looks beautiful and reads beautiful, even if it is me saying so…

With Love, S.


13 thoughts on “first heartbreak and first break!

    1. Anu, one of the things I loved about the writing workshops was the chance to write together with other folks, just sit together and write in the same room. There was such comradarie. That could be something that you could start in India…

  1. Congratulations on getting published! I know from experience how disappointing it can be to be rejected again and again, but I heard that Harry Potter was rejected by over 20 publishers before someone picked it up, so keep on plugging! Your writing is beautiful.

  2. Congrats Shuba! Wishing you more such days of Happy dancing 🙂 My take from the post: success wouldn’t taste as sweet if it weren’t for these setbacks.

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